Who is eligible to list on Craft411?

All listings on Craft411 must be handmade related. The site was built for the creative maker industry. Craft411 serves all handmade artists, crafters, makers, authors, musicians, photographers, bakers and performers – the creative sector. No MLM/direct sales are permitted. Read more details below.

How to Add Listings

To learn how to add a listing visit the How To page.

Listing Types

To learn more about the types of Listings on Craft411 and what is included in each click on the + beside the listing categories below.

Listing Details

Store listings include the following:

  • Published 1 year
  • No fields excluded
  • Map to location
  • Full page on Craft411
  • Image Limit 8 (Please include 3 minimum)
  • Tag limit 20
  • Max description characters 5000
  • HTML editor
  • Email form
  • Facebook Link
  • Instagram Link
  • Twitter Link
  • Website Link
  • Business Hours
  • Logo upload
  • Special Offers
  • Featured Listing

There are two types of Maker Listings:

Free Listing:

A free maker listing includes the following:

  • Full page listing in the Craft411 Directory.
  • Map of your location (street or general area).
  • 1 main image upload.
  • 3 tags to help with keyword searches.
  • 500 character description of your business.

Premium Listing: (3 or 12 Month)

A premium maker listing includes the following:

  • Full page listing in the Craft411 Directory.
  • Map of your location (street or general area).
  • Up to 8 main image uploads.
  • Up to 10 tags to help with keyword searches.
  • 6000 character description of your business.
  • HTML Editor
  • Business Hours
  • Email Form
  • Facebook Link
  • Instagram Link
  • Twitter Link
  • Logo Upload
  • Special Offers
  • Website Link
  • Featured Listing

Event Listings are currently FREE and include the following:

  • Admission
  • Distance to event
  • Email form
  • Event registration fees
  • Event times
  • Facebook Link
  • How to register
  • Images
  • Instagram Link
  • Twitter Link
  • Website Link
  • Tags
  • Description
  • HTML editor

Maker Listings

Maker listings: must be specifically for makers who craft their items by hand only. This includes hand crafted art and craft, authors, musicians and performers. Direct seller type businesses are not permitted.

It is absolutely imperative that the work you display on your maker listing be your own, handmade work. We do not allow buy-sell, MLM, or mass-produced products of any kind in the directory.

What does handmade mean?

Products offered by Makers should have been “handmade”, “hand crafted” “hand-assembled”, or “hand-altered” by the artist or artisan him or herself.
While the fundamental materials may not always built from scratch, the maker must have added his or her own skill to the product. Items may not be mass produced either by hand or machine. We expect that supplies used in the crafting process are purchased, such as paint, canvas, fabric, thread, clay, etc. If you doubt that your items fit the definition of handmade, it is likely that they are not the right fit for the directory.

Criteria for a Maker Listing:

  • Craft411.com does not accept maker listings that are not quality handcrafted items. Imported and mass-produced items are not permitted.
  • All work must be original and made by the artist. Work should be made by hand or with the use of appropriate tools.
  • Work must be well presented in your photos. (Your photos should not be blurry or poor quality).
  • Products must be handmade and offered in finished form. Kits, supplies and resale merchandise is not permitted under a maker listing. This type of listing belongs under store listings – supplies.
  • MLM and other distributor type products and services are not permitted.
  • No bulk/factory manufactured items allowed. Vinyl affixed to commercial resale items are not permitted. Vinyl affixed as a decorative component to an otherwise handmade item is permitted.
  • Those who have a brick and mortar location are not eligible for a maker listing – they belong in the shop section.
  • Makers may not have more than one listing at a time.
  • Copyright materials are not permitted.
  • Craft411.com reserves the right to accept or reject listings at its discretion to ensure quality of the directory.

Approval of Maker Listings

  • Makers who submit a listing and do not qualify for inclusion will not be approved.
  • Links to external sites or references to external sites may not be included in the business description area.
  • Makers who purchase a premium listing but do not qualify will not be approved and fees will be refunded, less a $25 administration fee.
  • Makers who submit false information on their listing to deceive Craft411.com about their eligibility, will be removed and will not receive a refund.
  • Makers who submit false reviews; attempt to submit reviews of their own listing; or arrange for family/friends to submit reviews with the intent to unfairly bolster their reputation on the site, or conduct themselves in any other dishonest manner will be removed and will not be eligible for listing.
  • Makers who operate from a brick and mortar store are not eligible for a free maker listing. (But may purchase a store listing).

Event Listings

Event listings: must be specifically related to events that are related to handcrafts, art, DIY handmade focused events. Online or in person events are eligible. Events such as fairs where craft makers will be selling are welcome.

Events are broken into the following categories:

  • Classes/Workshops: Classes and workshops, online or in person are all acceptable.
  • Craft Show – Retail: Handmade only events that are retail sales to the public.
  • Craft Show – Wholesale: Handmade only events that are wholesale only and not open to the retail sales.
  • Mixed Markets: These markets may have part handmade sellers and part non handmade vendors, but they must have at least 50% handmade sellers to be eligible to be listed.

Shop Listings

Shop listings: are specifically for stores and businesses with a brick and mortar location related to handmade art and craft.

Stores are broken into the following categories:

Farmers’ Markets: those who include in their vendors artists and craftspeople. Strictly produce only markets are not included.

Galleries: All types of art and craft galleries are permitted, including paid admittance and free admittance, those who sell the works on display and those who display for viewing only.

Gift and Consignment Stores: Stores in this category must sell primarily handcrafted art and craft. A percentage of at least 80% handcrafts must be maintained for the store to be eligible for listing in the directory. Both consignment only and stores that buy outright from artists and resell are permitted.

Supplies and DIY: Stores providing supplies and DIY information and services related to art and craft are permitted.