What’s it All About?

WHEN: Craft411 was soft-launched June, 2020 to help people find art and craft related makers, events and shops in their local area. You can use the Craft411 directory to find what you love, leave reviews, and discover events to attend. Full launch took place July 2020.

WHAT: Craft411 is designed to promote the value of handmade; fill the gap for smaller crafters for whom the cost of marketing is usually prohibitive; promote the handmade economy by matching makers with a buying audience. Craft411 aims to increase awareness of items handmade locally to ensure shoppers can easily find what they love.

Craft411 serves all handmade artists, crafters, makers, authors, musicians, photographers, bakers and performers – the creative sector. No MLM/direct sales are permitted.

WHY: The Craft411 directory was conceived several years ago but due to other projects, was never fully developed. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit we knew it was time to complete this project. Now more than ever the handmade community needs help and promotion in order to not only survive, but to thrive. We believe people generally want to support local, handmade makers and businesses – this platform is designed as a conduit for that to happen. A one-stop shop for all things handmade.

Craft411 is designed to promote the value of handmade; fill the gap for smaller crafters for whom the cost of marketing is usually prohibitive; promote the handmade economy by matching makers with a buying audience.

WHO: The directory was built by a graphic designer; web developer; artist; craft show director; editor; writer; photographer and marketing/promotions specialist. These skills are exactly what is needed to plan, develop, create, maintain and market this platform. We understand what is needed and why, and believe wholeheartedly in the value of supporting the creative marketplace.

WHERE: The Craft411 directory covers all of Canada and the United States and is specifically for hand made art and craft related listings only.

Buy Local – Support Handmade

Local makers and art and craft related businesses count on your patronage in order to survive; every transaction is precious to them. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic all in-person events – that many makers rely on to earn a living – have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. Consignment stores and galleries that rely on tourism have been closed; tourism is on hold. Events have either had to cancel, or where possible turn to an online format. The maker community is in desperate need of local support now more than ever. So when deciding where to spend your hard-earned dollars consider the benefits of turning to local, independently owned businesses and makers within your community.

We know most people understand the value of handmade, and the boost to the local economy from buying local. Significantly more money stays in a community when purchases are made at locally owned businesses. Local business owners are more likely to utilize other local businesses such as banks, service providers, and farms. Local businesses are owned and operated by your neighbors! They care about, and are invested in, the well-being of your community and its future. Local businesses contribute to local causes.

Right now things are somewhat different to what we are used to. And while we can’t go out and shop as we typically would, there are still ways to support your local handmade community even while we practice physical distancing.

What is needed now is putting those who seek to acquire handmade goods in contact with those who offer what they are looking to buy. That is what Craft411 was designed to do.

Finding What You Love

Use Craft411 to find local craft related businesses such as makers, events or stores and markets. You can search any number of ways in the directory. Use the categories to find exactly what you want, or use a keyword search, or just search a location. If you find a place you would like to visit at a later time, add it to your “To Do” list so you will remember to visit it later, or save your favourites in your favourites list. Leave reviews on places you love and share listings with friends to show your support for your local handmade community.

Get Your Business Listed

Are you a maker, have a store, or run an event related to art and craft located anywhere in Canada or the United States? Easily sign up for a listing in the Craft 411 directory with options ranging from our free listing plan to the maximum exposure listing to help customers discover what you have to offer!

Read about the listing options in more detail on the Listings How-To page.